Let The Clock Stop

Today I will press the pause button,
I won’t fast forward or rewind,
I will hold onto this moment,
And completely free my mind.

I won’t look at the future
And the endless ‘To Do’ list
I won’t stare back at the past,
And dwell over what I have missed

I will enjoy this moment,
Together just you and me.
I will take in your beautiful face,
Your smell, your smile so cheeky.

I will rest my cheek against yours,
Let your tiny hands curl into mine,
I will laugh with you loudly
And not glance at the time.

My dear little baby,
The one I cried and prayed for.
Why do I let life occupy me
And forget who I live for?

Today phones, messages and even time
Won’t distract me from you.
Today the clock will stop
And it’ll be just us two.


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