When the Words Don’t Flow

I’m usually someone who is never at a loss for words. Whether it’s writing or speaking. Where five words will do, I am like “What the heck, I’m going to use twenty-five.” Not because I waffle or talk about irrelevant matters, I only reserve that treat for my husband, but because I like to go into all the intricate details. I like to set the scene, background and foreground for every story I tell, so that the listener/reader can be transported to that moment and take the walk with me. Even if it’s as simple as my trip to the park, on a cold but bright day, when the haze from the sun put an extra stride in my step, lifting my spirits from the drear of winter… You get my drift?

But lately I’ve been struggling to write. The phrases have not been coming to my mind, or if they are about to appear, my own criticism does not let me join them together to form sentences. My thoughts are distracted by real life, the realness that my writing usually lets me escape from. And I feel sad. I feel like a failure because I started something that I could not continue; my blog. I feel like I have let myself down, by not pursuing this dream that I was so in love with only a few months ago. But most of all, I feel lonely. My writing is usually my companion, my imaginary friend that can listen to all my problems, hopes and dreams. From whom I walk away comforted, like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

Lately this friend has gone into hiding. Probably because I have not invested time into our friendship. If I’m honest with myself, I have been avoiding her for a variety of reasons, mostly linked to my own dissatisfaction with myself. But I do not want to lose her. That I know for sure.

So, for now, even if the words don’t flow I will enjoy the silence of her company. Rather than keep my laptop closed, I will have my writing page open, at least twice a week, and mull over my thoughts with my dear companion. After all, a good friendship is one where you can sit together in silence but still feel at peace. That can happen, but only if I allow it.

I’m pretty sure the words will eventually come to me. And if they don’t, maybe I will learn to say goodbye with closure.

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6 thoughts on “When the Words Don’t Flow

  1. I’m new to blogging but I can see that there are times when bloggers just need a break. As with any writing, often coming back to it at a later point get’s us going again. I have to make sure that my blogging doesn’t distract me too much from the paid freelance work (not easy!) My motto is write for yourself, when it feels right. X

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    1. I think that’s what it is, I needed a break but didn’t realise it. But I am glad I have attempted to get back into it, rather than let it dwindle away. Thank you for reading and commenting. x


  2. You’ve expressed all this perfectly Sumbel – total proof that you CAN write! I do think it’s easier to keep going with something when you’re in the habit of it and if you drift away from that it can be harder to come back to it – the sneaky self-doubt demon seizes the opportunity: “Ah ha! you haven’t written for a while! That must be because you don’t really want to because you know you can’t do it” *evil laugh*. But we just have to ignore him. He’s WRONG! I love this post and can really empathise particularly as this was exactly how I was feeling about my drawing last week. So I just started drawing agin and saw an improvement in days. Glad you’re back on the horse – stay up there in the saddle and know that we’re all riding along beside you and will stop and help you back up if you fall. No doubt you’ll have to give us a leg up too when we slip off our saddles from time to time. (I do love a metaphor) Thanks for linking to #WhatImwriting

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    1. Thank you for your kind words. Oh, the self-doubt demon with his evil laugh! I wish we could zap it away! But then that’s what my friends in the blogging community are for, their words of encouragement in the What I’m Writing group made my feel like I’m not alone and helped me get back on the horse.I am glad you have got back into your drawings, I really enjoy them. x


  3. As I grow in confidence as a writer I honestly think the fallow periods are part and parcel of the whole journey that we’re on. There are times, whether we’re entirely conscious of them or not, when we have to invest our energies in the ‘real’ world, and it’s only then that the words begin to flow… I know exactly what you mean though, about missing the companionship of writing during these periods. Perhaps it is a sign, as you say, that you’re ready to dive back in. I hope the words come more easily for you now you have! X


  4. Writing has always had an ebb and flow for me. I try to roll with it with the the hope that in the harder times I’ll eventually find my way back to it. The words will return for you.


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