World Book Day – What I Hope my Kids Learn

WBD Costume 2016

Dear Kids,

I know today you love your World Book Day outfits. You excitedly compare them to the characters in your favourite books and exclaim “same”. You smile. You giggle. And you eagerly look forward to nursery, so you can show your friends.

You do not see the lack of money spent on these outfits. The use of your existing clothes, with the addition of left over bits and bobs found around the house. Nor do you see the absence of your mother’s sewing skills. The odd stitches and the numerous staples, holding the accessories together. Your innocent minds do not care for these things.

But I know and fear the world we live in. I fear one day, when you are both old enough to understand competition, you may not appreciate such attempts at creativity by your mother. You may be embarrassed by her piecing together a ‘costume’, in a limited time, rather than spending a large sum of money on something made by a machine. I fear, most of all, you may not see the time and love that has gone into your mother’s amateur creations and instead want an outfit that looks better than your friends’.

But my dear boys, I do hope I can raise you to look beyond competition and materialism. I hope you can understand the true message behind these dress up days, which is to have fun. I hope in the future we can create these original and crazy outfits together. And enjoy doing so.

There will be times when we have to buy the outfits, for lack of time or ill health, or some other reason, and there is nothing wrong with that. But I hope you do not grow up thinking the best things are purchased. I hope you grow up to understand that the best things are created with love, with the ones you love.

Your Loving Mother.


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