Spring – A Fresh Start When New Year Resolutions Fail


Today I spotted the first daffodil in my garden. This beautiful sign that Spring is on its way made me pause my hectic morning. The little yellow bud, amongst green and grey weeds, from a neglected garden over the cold winter, brought me optimism.

Nearly all of us have high expectations of the New Year. We set ourselves resolutions and goals, hoping the new start to the year will bring good things our way. It will bring more happiness, we will achieve something we’ve tried for so hard over the past year, or there will be some other improvement in our lives.

Some of us are rewarded. But, by the end of January, most of us realise things are exactly where they were last year. We didn’t lose the weight we wanted, or continue our healthy eating and exercise plan, or dedicate as much time to our writing or other hobby as we promised ourselves. Or some other personal target we’ve failed to meet.

If I’ve had a crappy start to the year, Spring brings me hope. It reminds me that new beginnings don’t have to start according to the calendar. With the days getting slightly longer and the sun coming out, it’s almost a light at the end of a dark wintery tunnel.

Yes, I may have failed in the goals I set myself at the start of the year. But Spring is my second chance. I will have a fresh start.

Like this daffodil bud, I will ignore the dead weeds around me, the disappointment of yesterday, and grow to my very best. Because positive changes aren’t restricted to the New Year, but when I feel ready to make them.

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15 thoughts on “Spring – A Fresh Start When New Year Resolutions Fail

  1. I totally agree! January is a bad time to expect too much of ourselves – so grim and dark and cold. Longer days make a difference to my spirits too and it’s easier to stick to new plans when you’re feeling optimistic. Sorry you’ve had a crappy start to the year but definitely don’t beat yourself up over not having achieved what you hoped to – we’re not even two months in to this year yet so there’s plenty of time to do all sorts of things! Thanks for linking to #WhatImWriting xx

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  2. I agree, new beginnings do not have to start according to the calendar.
    Sorry to hear you have had a bad start of the year, hope spring will be good to you.
    I usually do not set “new year goals” anymore and go with the flow instead – just like when I write, in fact! 😉 xx

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    1. Its funny, because I didn’t actually set myself specific goals, I just secretly hoped I would achieve certain things, which I haven’t done. But I am more hopeful now that Spring is here. I agree, going with the flow is always better. xx


  3. I’ve had this same feeling this year. January was a disaster and I’m only just feeling like I’ve emerged in to the new year with the positivity that has been lacking so far. It’s got an awful lot to do with the feeling that Spring is just around the corner.

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  4. It’s nice to see a bit of colour isn’t it? It gives renewed hope, January is always a tough month and you’re right about us setting high aspirations for ourselves and then feeling we’ve failed them. New Year’s resolutions don’t do anyone any favours! And we’re nearly at March now, this is when the year begins to fly by,

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  5. I really find that January is a rubbish time for resolutions – just getting through those dark, dreary days is enough of a challenge for me! Spring, though, is a whole other matter… I am getting little twinges of excitement with every blossoming flower, every minute longer of daylight. I’ll definitely be glad to see the back of winter for another year! xx


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