Dear Slim Me

I see you in that picture,
Smirking at me,
Laughing at my weight gain,
Looking at me with pity.

For I am no longer thin,
Nor toned, nor trim, nor fit.
I have gained a few pounds
And put on fat quite a bit.

My beautiful fitting clothes
Are all packed away,
Every now and then I try them
Only to give up in dismay.

Yes, my new clothes are now baggy
And nearly every outfit looks bad,
I dislike my mummy tummy
But somehow I’m not sad.

I do miss my slim figure,
But it’s a deal I’ve gladly done,
I’ve lost my slender frame
And gained my two beautiful sons.

So pity not me,
For I am happier than you ever were
Because with this extra weight
Came the children I so adore.

Smirk away Slim Me,
To you I may look fat
But I am beautiful to my babies
And nothing can beat that.

From the New Me


4 thoughts on “Dear Slim Me

  1. Great poem! Our bodies go through so much bringing little ones into the world, just because they’re different and our clothes might not fit (mine don’t) doesn’t mean we shouldn’t appreciate the job it’s done

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