7 Ways Your Toddler is Like a Kardashian

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Feeling a little left out at all the attention the new Kardashian baby is getting, while the apple of your eye is ignored by most of the world? Worry not. Your toddler may have more in common with a Kardashian than you think. Here are 7 similarities your bundle of joy has with America’s most famous family:

1. Any attention is good attention.
The Kardashians are well-known for pulling off dramatic stunts for the media’s attention, whether it’s a 72 day marriage, outrageous outfits or weird health tricks such as a blood facial. The crazier the antics the more famous they become. Your toddler also follows this maxim, from screaming so ear-splittingly loudly that you fear your neighbours may call social services, to hitting another child just because, to painting the walls with strawberry yogurt. All these antics are simply to get your attention. And anyone else’s within a 3 mile radius.

2. They have plenty of tantrums.
Toddlers and tantrums are synonymous. We are all too familiar with the screaming fits because their cereal is not in their favourite bowl or the meltdowns because they want to wear shorts and a T-shirt in the middle of winter. But the Kardashian tantrums are close competition. From sibling squabbles over a Bentley, to actual physical fights, including threats to stab one another over ski pants. They can make your toddler look like a saint, and that’s saying something!

3. They will own your TV.
Whenever the TV is on, your toddler’s choice of programs will be on. E-v-e-r-y G-o-d-d-a-m-n t-i-m-e. You will get sick and tired of Peppa Pig and Mr Tumbles, but they won’t. As for the Kardashians, their repeat episodes on E! Entertainment is pretty much a sign that they own your TV. And your newspaper. And your social media newsfeed.

4. They’re used to being photographed all the time.
Whenever a camera or a smartphone is pulled out the Kardashians are prepared with their pose. By now your toddler has not only learnt to pose for photos taken by others, but also take selfies.

5. You can’t help but talk about them.
The Kardashians dominate at least one article of news every couple of days. No matter how hard you try, there will always be some talk of Kim’s pregnancy, or North West in a cute outfit or Khloe’s weight loss and you somehow find yourself contributing to the discussion, even if it is to say “who cares?”. When your toddler does something amazing or annoying, it’s all over your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. It’s pretty much the topic of conversation for the next day or two, or twenty.

6. They will burn money.
The Kardashians famous expenditures includes Kim’s $75,000 earrings (lost in Bora Bora, but amazingly found after a major melt down), Kylie’s $125,000 first car (which she crashed 18 days later), lavish parties and the list goes on. In your toddler’s case burning money is not limited to the ludicrous amount you spend on nappies, baby wipes, car seats and even the most basic of toys, but literally too, if they were allowed near fire. So, in your toddler’s case they will also rip or eat the money.

7. Despite all the above, they’re cute and attractive people.
The Kardashians are undeniably a cute family and attractive people. That’s probably why the world is intrigued by their antics and they continue to have a presence on our screens. Words cannot describe your toddler’s beauty and cuteness, and that makes up for so much.

If anyone else acted like this there is no way you would tolerate it, but your toddler can act like a TV star anytime because they are the real star in your life.


2 thoughts on “7 Ways Your Toddler is Like a Kardashian

  1. Tee hee – all very true! I could also add ‘they always have glossier hair than you’. Seriously, no matter what I do my toddler outshines me in this department – he can rub his hair in toast and it still looks great. The same doesn’t work for me and oh, how I’ve tried! xx


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